House Rules


Armor and Swimming Rule
Armor is particularly dangerous in water. Subtract your armor’s bonus from all Swimming rolls. This is in addition to any penalties from the armor’s weight. Ig- nore magical bonuses, considering only the bonus of a basic suit of that type. A suit of leather, for example, adds +1 to the user’s Toughness, and so subtracts –1 from his Swimming rolls.

Called Shots
Legs (-2): Works like Disarm but enemy makes an Agility roll (instead of Str). Failure means the character is falling prone.

Camping Outdoor or Sleeping on the Floor
Characters sleeping outdoors on the ground without the use of a good sleeping bag or on a hard floor (no padding) must perform a Vigor roll or suffer a Fatigue level for 8 hours after waking up.

Encumbrance: Lifting and Dragging
A character can lift 20 times his or her Strength score (e.g. d6 would be 120 lbs.) off the ground. If he or she tries to carry that weight, though, his or her Pace immediately drops to 2. Five times a character’s normal load is the most weight he or she can push or drag along the ground.

Firing into Melee
Firing into a tangle of people, such as a melee, to shoot at a target is quite dangerous and difficult. The attacker takes a -2 penalty when trying to attempt to shoot at a target locked in melee while trying to avoid shooting an ally.

Each miss that comes up a 1 or a 2 on the Shooting die indicates a random adjacent character was hit. If the attacker was firing on full-auto or with a shotgun, a roll of 1 or 2 hits the bystander. No Bennies may be spent to reroll the attack. Roll damage normally. See the Innocent Bystander rule (p.73) for further clarification.

Joker’s Wild
When a player character draws a Joker during combat, he receives his normal +2 bonus to Trait and damage rolls. In addition, all player characters receive a Benny!

This also applies to the GM and his Wildcards and extras.

House Rules

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